3 Heavy-duty Challenges For New 21-day Straight Weight-loss Plans!


Our NEW 21-day keto challenges are completely redone, and now feature 21 days of straight ketogenic meals, with no weekend breaks!


Choose your 21-Day Keto Challenge:


21-day K-Max Keto Challenge | 1800cal/day | P16,000 |  P750/day

Designed for keto newbies, ease your way into keto and build a healthy-eating habit as you maximize your ketosis benefits. Resulting in a leaner, healthier body starting January.


21-Day K-Veg Keto Challenge | 1600 cal/day | P14,700 | P700/day

Achieve ketosis while enjoying a plant-based nutritional lifestyle. Enjoy weight-loss, extended satiety, and control over diabetes. 


21-day K-Lite Keto Challenge | 1200 cal/day | P12,700 | P590/day

Light on calories ketogenic eating, experience a maximum weight-loss in a plan that combines keto and Calories In, Calories Out (CiCo).


Get a FREE Keto Survival Kit when you order your 21-Day K-Max Keto Challenge Meal Plan before Dec 31, 2019.


What does it contain?

  • Seven (7) days delivery, no weekend breaks!
  • Four (4) meals per day: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack.
  • One (1) Keto Test Strip for K-Veg and K-Lite 21-Day Challenge Meal Plans given weekly to track your keto progress
  • Two (2) Keto Test Strips and One (1) can of Rite 'N Lite weekly for K-Max 21-Day Challenge Meal Plans 


PLUS! Weekly Keto Rewards because you earned it!

Weekly Keto Rewards:

Week 1: One (1) Box of Keto All Nut Cookies

Week 2: One (1) Bottle of Seriously Sugar-Free Milk Tea

Week 3: One (1) Box Signature Keto Vegetarian Pizza


First meals for the 21-Day Keto Challenge will be delivered on January 5, 2020 for Monday (Jan 6) consumption.

21-Day Keto Challenge

Choose your 21-Day Challenge.
ALLERGY? Choose one for customization.
ALLERGY? Choose second allergy for customization.
    • All 21-Day Challenge Meal Plans start on Monday only.
    • Meal delivery is every night before consumption (between 7-10 pm).
    • You will receive an SMS alert from your rider when your order is on the way. The rider will SMS you when your order has been delivered.
    • For deliveries to office and condo buildings, please inform your lobby guard/receptionist to receive your meals.
  • 1) Meals: We deliver the evening before consumption, between 6:30-10:00 PM. Your first meal will be delivered on Sunday evening.

    2) The Sugar-Free Bakery Items: Baked goods are made fresh and delivered on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evening, between 7-10 PM WITH your Ketos fo Manila meal plan.

    3) For SFB orders only, please order at www.sugarfreebakery.com 

    Cut-Off for The Sugar-Free Bakery Items

    Order cut-off is 6 PM night before delivery.



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